Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So my man took the day off from work last week and we went out to eat at Milagros in North Orem. I did a little research about this eating establishment. It is a new restaurant that is in Orem across from the Winco. The man who started Milagros also started Rosa's Restaurant a while back. This was located in Provo over by Kneaders. When my husband and I were going to the BYU we would go and grab lunch at Rosa's. They had a great lunch special and they had a great salsa bar. We were really sad when it closed. This guy also started Bajio's! I love Bajio's. It is good stuff. He and his wife decided to sell the chain and retire. After a few years they decided to go back to the restaurant business. They started Milagros. This is very reminiscent of Bajio's and Rosa's. The food was good. I ordered the nachos which are one of their self-proclamed best dishes. They were really good. The sour cream and guacamole was amazing. My kids got some good sized quesadillas. The kids meals come with a very tasty ice cream sandwich. The salsa is great, they have a roasted tomatillo salsa that was my favorite. The one thing I wasn't too jazzed about Milagros are the prices. I feel like they are a little over priced for what it is. I would love for someone else to go and tell me what you think. Overall I would certainly recommend Milagros.

970 West 800 North Orem

Beyond Glaze

Monday, March 14, 2011

I love when friends share new little eateries to try out. I was lucky enough to be in the neighborhood of this one on Saturday. It is in Draper and it is called Beyond Glaze. This is a cute little doughnut shop in a new strip mall. You walk in and feel you are in a little bistro/cafe, with a huge leather couch with coffee tables with the great magazines, also some great lightning fixtures. There are so many different doughnuts to try. They are all the basic glazed doughnut with these beautiful toppings on them. They also have huge yummy cinnamon rolls and other baked goods. I loved this place, and think it would do really well in Provo area. Maybe we can get it some day. They just opened one in Salt Lake City. The girl that was working there was so delightful, she was so excited to tell me which ones are the favorites and which one she decorated. She was getting her degree in culinary arts. The price for a single doughnut is $1.95 and range from up from there. I got five of them and cut them up and we all got a taste of different kind. I really enjoyed the strawberry cream cheese one. When in the area you must give it a try.

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